Amazing features about DeFiner you shouldn’t miss out on.

Annie Alfred
2 min readDec 10, 2021


In this article, you will get to know the amazing features of DeFiner that will intrigue you and make you not even think twice about investing.

It is no news that DeFiner is for a fact the permissionless and configurable decentralized lending protocol with 100% protected privacy, empowering users to embrace the new digital economy and unlock instant value from their crypto assets through earning, lending, and borrowing.

With amazing core team members and community followers securing a valuable place for DeFiner in the DeFi space, DeFiner has been an asset from the launch day in 2018.

Below are some of the unique features of DeFiner.

  1. DeFi Lending on your own terms: The fact that it enables you to own your lend on your own terms is amazing, you get access to limitless lend, borrow and stake any token of your choice.
  2. The fact that the FIN token is also designed to represent voting rights for holders. This keeps the stage secure, advancing, and permits clients to settle on the direction of the stage. Each FIN token qualifies you for one democratic right.
  3. The Fin token is capable of contributing loaning capital and insurance on the organization, moneylenders and borrowers are qualified for a piece of the recently mined FIN. The term and worth of those resources marked will be utilized to compute the amount FIN the moneylender or borrower will get relatively. The quantity of recently mined FIN follows a predefined deflationary bend.
  4. The tech team has been able to ensure that DeFiner successfully transferred the admin right of our Savings Smart Contract into a multi-signature controlled wallet on both Ethereum and OKEx blockchain. To additionally work on the security and better deal with the dangers, the administrator account has now been moved to a multi-signature controlled record.
  5. DeFiner working towards building a DAO-managed system for contract upgrading and configuration change is almost coming to a success. Once the DAO contract is complete, the contract management would be transferred from a multi-signature controlled account to FIN holder voting contract.

In conclusion, DeFiner has been designed to be a permissionless and configurable decentralized lending protocol with 100% protected privacy.

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