DUET Protocol’s new dAsset: dTMC(Total Market Capitalization)

The simplest method of knowing the market size of a digital currency and also where one could be decisive about smart investment moves are what we call Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization.

In the article, I would be explaining the fundamentals of total cryptocurrency market capitalisation, factors affecting the TMC of a digital currency and also how one can benefit/profit.

What is a Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization?

The total crypto market cap is the total value of all virtual money in circulation. It indicates the total worth of all crypto’s circulating supply in the market. This can be calculated by multiplying the current price of the cryptocurrency with the circulating supply.

The Importance of Market Capitalization has grown broad to the point where investors could indicate the size of the cryptocurrency which determines the various characteristics in which investors are interested, compare the cryptocurrency to another, and help avoid unnecessary risk.

However, there are various factors affecting the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency assets which are:

  • Market Volume
  • Availability on exchanges
  • Liquidity
  • Supply and demand
  • Regulations
  • Price of the asset. etc…

dTMC, a new dAsset on Duet Protocol.

Duet Protocol is a multi-chain synthetic assets ecosystem built on a Yield Aggregator that automates the process of Yield Farming, maximises its returns and releases additional liquidity to the users presenting another monetary instrument (dTMC) which gives financial backers a remarkable chance.

How to get dTMC?

There are actually two ways by which one could get dTMC and that is through

Steps to follow in borrowing dTMC on Duet App

  1. Go to the Duet App.
  2. Connect your wallet and provide liquidity on any pairs/assets in the Earn subsection. By supplying liquidity to any asset/pairs in the Earn Module, users get ‘credits’ which they can use to borrow dAssets.

3. Click on the dAssets subsection and select the innovation market.

4. Click on dTMC and go on to borrow.

After borrowing, users can also supply liquidity to the dTMC-dUSD pair in the Earn module to earn high APY rewards. APYs are liable to fluctuate from time to time.

Steps to follow in purchasing dTMC on Pancakeswap

  • Visit the PancakeSwap
  • Input the contract addresses below to add the tokens to the list.

dUSD: 0xe04fe47516C4Ebd56Bc6291b15D46A47535e736B

dTMC: 0x529AaFadba71386AB77519DA5eC75ab943dF0b6D

After processing the contract addresses, they’d be represented as seen below;

Follow to know more about the Duet Protocol:

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A business enthusiast and a blockchain fanatic. Content creator, frontend developer, animation and motion text graphics design

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Annie Alfred

Annie Alfred

A business enthusiast and a blockchain fanatic. Content creator, frontend developer, animation and motion text graphics design

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