ReBaked updates in the month of July.

The month of July has been amazing and full of success for ReBaked. There has been series of AMAs, Partnership and recruitment of ambassadors to the project which has triggered the progress of this project.

JULY 3, 2021.

Mr. Nikos and Mr. Justin — Co-Founder and Head of community of ReBaked joined an AMA to give an awesome updates about the necessary features of ReBaked.

CryptoFamily Group- The top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the latest news and signals from bot/admin, was in charge of the AMA session.

Mr. Nikos and Mr. Justin were asked vital questions and they did justice to every bit of questions that were being asked, giving participants reasons to invest more on the project.

For more info:

JULY 7, 2021.

ReBaked announced the partnership with AnRkeyX. This partnership has generated strategically goal for providing a critical talent resource platform for helping to grow the AnRkeyX social DeFi gaming Ecosystem. ReBaked aims to facilitate the process by opening access for develops and NFT creator to utilize the AnRkeyX project functionality.

The reBaked platform is confident that its community-centric approach and open nature that attracts developers, talented designers, and like-minded individuals can help indie game developers earn more by contributing to the AnRKeY X economy

For more info:

JULY 13, 2021.

ReBaked announced the launch of @rebakedinc ambassador program. This program is based on principle of meritocracy. Recruiring skilled workers to help promote the future of ReBaked, and create awareness of the project aim to the society.

Our Ambassador program is designed with the principle of meritocracy that inspired reBaked- rewarding people based on their participation! We use the principle of quadratic reward — which means that the more you participate in the reBaked activities as an ambassador, the more rewards you will receive! This is to ensure that long-term ambassadors with track records will be further motivated, while they will eventually become more experienced..

To be part of this ambassador program:

Meanwhile in the late month of July, the onboarding of Mark Stein as a trusted advisor to help scale ReBaked MarTech and sales pipelines!!.

Mark Stein is the CEO, Maven Capital.

To know more about ReBaked, visit:

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A business enthusiast and a blockchain fanatic. Content creator, frontend developer, animation and motion text graphics design

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Annie Alfred

Annie Alfred

A business enthusiast and a blockchain fanatic. Content creator, frontend developer, animation and motion text graphics design

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